Aviation Links

Links Checked 3/18/05

Aviation Magazines

      AeroElectric Connection Bob Nuckolls electrics for aircraft is a must. Don't put a wire in your airplane until you read this!

      Inflight USA A monthly magazine covering a variety of topics... sometimes experimental, mostly certified aircraft.

      Kitplanes Magazine One of the leading magazines devoted to experimental aircraft.

      Buyer's Guide for Ultralights Shows over 200 ultralights, trikes, powered parachutes, gyros and vintage ultralights.

Aircraft & Support Sites

      Van's Aircraft Online One of the most popular lines of homebuilt aircraft. Over 2000 flying!

      Van's Aircraft companion site The home of The RV White Pages, the RV of the Week, the RV Builder Profiles, the Hospitality Overnight List and several other areas which try to keep builders and fliers of Van's Aircraft RV kitplanes informed and in touch on planet Earth. By Doug Reeves. Outstanding! ! !

      Experimental Aircraft Manufacturer of the kit-built Berkut, a Long-EZ derivitive.

      INFINITY Aerospace The Infinity 1 is a canard type aircraft. Also has a retractable gear kit and joy-stick kit.

      Cozy Mark IV Home Page A side-by-side Long-EZ derivitive.

      Waterbirds A central US dealer for the Searey amphibian aircraft kit. The Searey is a 2-place pusher, 100 mph cruise, fiberglass hull fun machine.

      North Star Bushplane Similar to the Super Cub, but with lots of improvments.

      The RV Journal An actual RV6 builder that appears to spend as much time on his very complete website as building! Highly recommended.

      Robbie Attaway's RV Site An excellant RV site, including good prices on products carried.

      Typhoon A new Australian 2 place low wing aircraft. Priced at about $23,000 landed cost in the US. Includes engine & mounts and flight instruments.

      RG TT 2000 engine A 100hp gear drive engine from Australia.

      Conversion Concepts, Inc. Motor Mounts and conversion components for the Mazda rotary aircraft conversion.


      Nelson Air Supplemental oxygen products for general aviation aircraft and pilots.

      Aircraft Spruce They say they have over 1.5 million parts in stock.

      SureCheck Pilot SuppliesSureCheck primarily manufactures aviation checklists for pilots. They also create helpful products and supplies that make flying easier and safer.

      Kennon Aircraft Covers Kennon Aircraft Covers manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens for general aviation, business aviation and military aviation air planes and helicopters. Shop securely online.

      Sacramento Sky Ranch, Inc. Discount aircraft parts.

Avionics & Instruments

      Panel Planner A unique Windows program for designing instrument panels for any aircraft.

      Gulf Coast Avionics Complete built-up and pre-wired panels for kitbuilders.

      Matronics Current products include fuel totalizers/computers and accessories for the Mac Trim servo.

      Avionix Supply Avionics sales. Web site has nice brand/model comparisons and specifications.

      Pacific Southwest Avionics PSAvionics- Providing custom panel work and installation/ repair service of most all avionics manufacturers.

Our Customers Planes

      Don Hamm's Velocity SUV Project.

      Dave Mullin's KR2S Project. Well documented, with a great overview of how to assemble one of our microMonitors here, and the same for our microEncoder here!

Misc. Aviation Sites

      FlyMagic Flight Experiences The Ultimate Flight Gift Experience. Unusual and truly unique flight gift experiences from Flymagic, the aviation gift voucher specialists. Hot Air Balloon Flight, Helicopter Experience, Gliding, Aerobatics, Vintage, Jet Flight, Helicopter Flight Simulator.

      Stalag 13 Aeropage Another excellent link page. Almost 1500 links to aviation sites on the web... and growing!

      Landings Aviation@Landings - The on-line directory of aviation links and databases: weather, flight planning, events, airlines and travel, pilot supplies/avionics, classified advertisements, and more.

      Global Aviation Navigator Another excellent link page, striving to be an aviation hub on the internet.

      PlaneTalk A one-stop shop specializing in aviation advertising. Logos, ads, brochures. Reasonable and fast... we use it!

      Canard Aviators Membership of over 600 , featuring a free classified section, NTSB accident reports sorted by Canard type, and a "Virtual Fly-in" where Canard owners/builders can have a free web page for their plane.

      Boeing Instrument Panels Here they are -- the Boeing Flight Decks. Just select a panel, then click on a control and you will then find out more than you ever wanted to know about all those little switches and knobs. This man has way too much time on his hands. Wow!

      Long-Ez to South America A private pilot leaves Switzerland in his Long-Ez to fly to and around South America to celebrate 70 years of flight to SA.

      Homebuilt Homepage An index and reference on homebuilt/experimental class aircraft. Dedicated to making information about homebuilding and homebuilt aircraft easier to find.

      Expercraft Expercraft's Simple Log is a powerful yet easy-to-use system allowing aircraft builders to store and share their project log information on line.

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