microMONITOR Features


The microMONITOR... A Multi-Purpose Instrument That Does More Than Act Like a Gauge


The microMONITOR is designed to replace all traditional engine instrumentation in aircraft, resulting in a cost-effective method of saving panel space and weight.

The microMONITOR has 23 different functions including percent power, manifold pressure, tachometer, exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature, oil temperature, carburetor temperature, ammeter, voltmeter, oil pressure, fuel pressure and outside air temperature. An integral turbine-sensor fuel totalizer provides fuel flow, fuel quantity remaining and time to dry tanks.

Using a powerful microprocessor, the unit continuously displays the engine parameters on a custom designed display while at the same time providing advanced computer monitoring of the engine.

The measurements of all critical functions are compared to alarm set points that are adjustable by the user using the front panel controls. Any out-of-limit measurement activates an audio alarm, and the errant reading blinks on the display.

The compact microMonitor also includes a five-function clock with GMT, LMT, timer with two modes and an engine hour meter with reset and accumulative tach time.

Personalize for Your Aircraft and Needs

      Temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius and fuel in gallons or liters.

      Adjustable high/low alarm limits.

      Adjustable cruise RPM for tachometer hours.

      Magneto, electronic ignition or magnetic pickup for RPM sensing.

      Pre-program your aircraft full fuel capacity for easy fuel totalizer reset.

      Blank any function that is not being used.

      Adaptable to water cooled and rotary-vane engines.

      Add external switch to measure up to six cylinders of CHT and EGT.


      Front panel controls allow easy adjustment of alarm set points.

      Three uncommitted alarms for sensing external switch position allow user-defined alarms for gear, canopy, etc.

      Two audio alarms - 600 ohm for headset and external audio transducer.

Versatile RS232 Serial Port

      Fuel data output for GPS units.

      Full fuel-airdata output for GPS units if RMIs microEncoder is installed.

      Download stored log memory engine data to a PC or laptop for analysis.

      Upload free software upgrades using a PC or laptop.

Fuel Totalizer

      Fuel remaining based on actual used.

      Engine fuel flow in gallons per hour.

      Endurance based on current fuel flow and fuel remaining.

      Front panel calibration based on actual flight history.


      Up to 165 hours of engine data stored on user specified intervals with time/date stamp.

      Custom high-stability aerospace quality liquid crystal display.

      Aviation green LED driven fiber-optic backlight with front panel dimming.

      Simple calibration using front panel controls.

      Adjustable headset audio volume.

      Battery-charging circuitry for optional external battery allows five to ten hours of stand-alone operation.

      Negligible drain on aircraft battery to maintain clock during long shutdowns.

      Battery-less non-volatile memory retains important settings and totals with power off or disconnected.

microMONITOR Specifications