Optional/Discontinued microMONITOR Sensors & Accessories



Alternate CHT Sensor
Washer type (under spark plug) - MFR is Westach (Westberg)

  1. #712-4W, 14mm ring size
  2. #712-5W, 18mm ring size
  3. #712-8W, 12mm ring size
  4. #712-9W, 10mm ring size

RMI EGT Replacement Sensor

Grounded type K thermocouple, tubing clamp style – MFR is Westach (Westberg) Part number 712-2DWK


RMI CHT Replacement Sensor

Grounded type J thermocouple, 3/8-24 bayonet style – MFR is Westach (Westberg) Part number 712-7DK


All Above from:

Westberg Mfg., Inc. - 707-938-2121
Wicks - 800-221-9425
Aircraft Spruce - 800-824-1930

Manifold Pressure Sensor
2-bar MAP sensor from numerous auto parts stores.  The following are all compatible.

  1. Wells SU-129
  2. GM #16009886
  3. AC Delco #2131520
  4. Standard AS-4

Online source: bmotorsports.com.  Their sensor number is SNSR-03066: Delphi/GM 2 bar MAP sensor.  They also have a connector number CONN-75559: GM Delphi/Packard 2&3 bar MAP sensor connector kit.

EGT/CHT Multiplex Switch

This is the 4 pole, 6 throw, two section switch that we have always stocked.  Digikey.com part number 451-1061.  Mouser.com part number 690-D2D0406N.

Oil & Fuel Pressure Sensors

These are the VDO sensors (with two wire connections) that we have always used.  Both are available at egauges.com.  Oil pressure: 0-150 psi (0-10 bar), part number 360-430.  Fuel pressure: 0-30 psi (0-2 bar), part number 360-043

Outside Air Temp or Oil Temp Sensor

This is an integrated circuit sensor AD590-JH.  Digikey.com part number AD590JH.   No other sensor compatible.

Carburetor Temperature Sensor

The original design was to use the Richter B-5 sensor (originally $25… now about $300), if you can find one.  We designed our own.  If you wish to build up a sensor yourself here is the internal sensor: an RTD from Digikey.com 615-1037 apx. $19.  A copy of the mechanical drawing that we used for the housing is here if you have the mechanical skills.

Water Coolant Temperature Sensor
H2O temperature into CHT position on display using either a 3 inch long adjustable-depth thermocouple for insertion into water jacket through a 1/8 inch NPT or 1/4 inch NPT adapter (compression type fitting, install adapter, insert thermocouple to desired depth and tighten nut) or a non-adjustable one-piece thermocouple with 1/2 inch nose.

  1. TJ36-ICSS-18G-3, about $30 - 36 is inches of lead provided, change if necessary.
  2. BRLK-18-18 adapter with 1/8 inch NPT, about $3
  3. BRLK-18-14 adapter with 1/4 inch NPT, about $3
  4. One piece, 1/2 inch long nose, 1/4 NPT with 72 inch leads - TCJ-NPT-G-72 - $29

OMEGA - 800-826-6342

Backup Battery
The microMonitor has a float charging circuit built-in for the following batteries.

  1. PowerSonic PS1212 12 volt 1.2 amphour gel-cel
  2. Yuasa NP1.2-12 12 volt 1.2 amphour gel-cel

Try Local Motorcycle Shop or
Mouser Electronics - 800-346-6873, part number 547-PS-1212, about $18

Pressure Switches for user alarms
A pressure switch can be used to activate any one of the three user alarms on the Monitor to warn of low water pressure, low vacuum etc.
World Magnetics - 616-946-3800 for catalog

Handy catalogs
Two excellent sources for electronic/electric parts and tools are Digi-Key and Mouser Electronics. Ask for a free catalog. Both take charge cards.