Updates & Notices for Current Customers

This page is for current RMI customers who are online and wish to keep up-to-date. As new updates, notices, fixes, hints etc. are introduced, they will be added to this page. The documents for download are in Adobe .PDF formats.


If you don't have one, here is a FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF file viewer.

microMonitor Upgrade


Ø      Temperatures units are selectable in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Ø      Fuel units are selectable in gallons or liters.

Ø      Percent power readout (must have fuel flow sensor installed).

Ø      Engine data stored in nonvolatile memory on user specified intervals with time/date stamp.  From 16.5 to 165 hours of engine operation stored depending on specified interval.

Ø      Serial RS232 I/O:

§         Serial input connects to microEncoder air data output.

§         Fuel/airdata output to GPS or just fuel output if no microEncoder present.

§         Engine data memory dumps into spreadsheet or EGTrend's (tm) EGView graphing software for analysis and record keeping.

§         New software updates can be uploaded to the microMonitor using a PC or laptop.

Ø      LED driven fiber-optic backlighting replaces old EL lamp on older units.

Ø      Simplified and intuitive programming performed from front panel controls.

Ø      Both high and low alarm settings allowed.

Ø      Adjustable calculation constants allows for a wider variety of sensors.


Ø      For units with old-style LCDs (H-shaped lines on display when off) - $279.00 plus S&H.

§         Factory installation - $399.00 plus S&H

Ø      For units with new-style LCDs (left facing chair-shaped line on right side of display when off) - $99.00 Plus S&H.

§         Factory installation - $169.00 plus S&H


Ø      *Replace LCD type display with new design.

Ø      *Replace EL backlight with fiber-optic backlight.

Ø      *Replace display driver PC board assembly (factory built).

Ø      Remove three integrated circuits from CPU assembly (unplug or cut off).

Ø      Replace CPU integrated circuit with new assembly.

Ø      Remove and replace two resistors on the Main PC board assembly.

Ø      Install two jumper wires on the Main PC board assembly.

Ø      Cut two traces on the Main PC board assembly.

Ø      Install a panel-mounted RS232 jack in the instrument panel and connect to the uMonitor.

                        (* Not required for units with new-style displays).


            Download the actual upgrade instruction manual for old-style LCDs here.


            Download the actual upgrade instruction manual for new-style LCDs here.


Download Current Software Version 6.08

RMI provided software can be uploaded to the microMonitor through its serial port using the MonUpload utility.  The utility, instructions and the current version 6.08 software is included in a zip file available here for download.  Unzip the file in its own folder on the PC or laptop that you will connect to the instrument panel serial jack through the adapter cable provided with the microMonitor or upgrade package.  The instruction file can then be opened in your text editor or read in the utility’s help menu.  If you have already installed the MonUpload utility on your machine, the software file alone is available (RIGHT CLICK)  here for download.


Version History:

6.02        Initial release.

6.03        Corrected bug in GAr and SHA serial output formats.  Upgrade necessary only if you are using the microEncoder/microMonitor as a fuel/airdata input to a GPS.

6.04        Manufacture routines added.  Not necessary for customers to upgrade.

6.05        Calendar information was being corrupted between being entered and stored into nonvolatile memory.  Corrected.  Upgrade necessary only if you are using the downloadable engine log information.

6.06        Corrected code so volts is the default display instead of OAT when carburetor temp is not installed, as per the operations manual.  Changed fuel flow constants to permanent storage to prevent possible inaccurate FF readings.

6.07         Changed value of internal engine on/off determination from 200 ro 500 rpm.  Added manufacture routine.

6.08        Changed the command to return to normal operation from programming mode from “UP button” press to “UP button” release to prevent inadvertent changes to data because the “UP button” (now the “10 button”) was still being held down.


microEncoder Upgrades

Most of the microEncoder upgrades have been in software.  Download a detailed list of the software versions and functions added for each version here.