microENCODER Features

The microENCODER... A Multi-Purpose Instrument That Does More Than Talk To A Transponder


The microENCODER is a mode C altitude encoder with a host of additional features. Using solid-state sensors and processing technology with a powerful microprocessor, the unit combines an altitude encoder with a graphic/digital vertical speed indicator, digital airspeed indicator, sensitive digital altimeter and digital outside air temperature indicator. Magnetic compass heading is available with attachment of the optional compass module.

With this information available to the microprocessor, additional flight information such as true airspeed, altitude alert, density altitude, pressure altitude and true air temperature are available at the touch of a switch. Front panel controls allow the user to select options and enter warning limits to tailor the microENCODER to his aircraft and personal preferences.

The combination of all these features in one quality instrument creates a space-saving and cost-effective instrument that can be used as an encoder and primary instrument for VFR sport fliers or an encoder and backup instrument for IFR pilots.

Airspeed Indicator

      True airspeed at the touch of a switch.

      Select knots, miles per hour or Mach number for indicated airspeed.

      Airspeed Trend Indicators (up and down arrows) show increasing or decreasing airspeed at a glance.

      Select sensitivity of airspeed trend indicators.

      User programmed speeds for:

        Vne - never exceed or redline speed

        Vno - maximum normal operation speed and bottom of yellow arc

        Gear - maximum speed for safe gear extension... or disable if no retractable gear

        Flap - maximum speed for safe flap extension or top of white arc... or disable if no flaps

        High Stall - upper stall warning speed or bottom of green arc

        Low Stall - lower stall warning speed or bottom of white arc

        Mach Limit - Mach number is approaching maximum

      Select blinking warning only or blinking/audio warning for each of Vne, Vno and stall range.

      Simple, accurate front panel calibration using home-made manometer or avionics shop air-data test set.


      Pressure altitude at the touch of a switch.

      Density altitude at the touch of a switch.

      True altitude at the touch of a switch.

      Versatile altitude alert warning/alarm features for:

        Converge - climb or descent to a target altitude

        Hold - maintain a target altitude

        Approach - decision height

      Select display readout of each foot or rounded to nearest ten feet.

      Select inches of mercury or millibars for barometric setting window.

      User programmable tolerances for altitude alert blink warning and alarm settings.

      Simple front panel calibration using a current altimeter setting and known altitude or avionics shop air-data test set.

      Automatic baro change-over from altitude to flight level, ascending and descending. Change-over altitude user programmable.

Air Data Output

      Air data output of all functions to all GPS systems on the market.

      Serial output is baud rate programmable and works with RS232, RS422 and RS485 standards.

      Additional all-function output formats for your own lap top programming.

      Create your own custom format of from one to sixteen functions for your own lap top programming.

      Magnetic heading is included in the output when the optional compass module is connected.

Vertical Speed Indicator

      Digital and graphic display.

      Select maximum bargraph range from 1000 to 6000 FPM to match your aircraft.

      Select damping of display action from three to twelve seconds to suit your preference.

      Select sensitivity of bargraph.

Outside Air Temperature

      True air temperature (indicated temperature corrected for airspeed) at the touch of a switch.

      Select degrees celsius or degrees fahrenheit for display.


      Interfaces with all modern and most older transponders.

      View actual encoded altitude being transmitted.

      Simple front panel correspondence with any altimeter (if required).

Personalize for Your Aircraft & Needs

      Options, warning limits, speeds etc. are all programmable using the front panel controls.

      Non-volatile memory retains important settings with power off or disconnected.


      Custom high-stability aerospace quality liquid crystal display.

      Aviation green electroluminescent backlight with dimming control.

      Front panel access to headset audio volume.


NOTICE: The microENCODER MUST NOT be used to replace more than one primary instrument in aircraft certified for IFR flight. It is not prudent to chance a potential loss of three important flight parameters during instrument conditions due to the failure of one unit.

microENCODER Specifications