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Install the microENCODER in place of your mechanical vertical speed indicator. Instead of being just a vertical speed indicator replacement, additional instruments that will reduce your flight workload and increase your safety are included. A built-in digital altimeter and digital airspeed indicator give you backup instruments for your traditional instrumentation.

Altitude violations can be a thing of the past by using the built-in altitude alert system that will give you warnings when closing on or trying to maintain a desired altitude. The approach mode of the altitude alert system even alerts you when decision height is reached during a busy approach.

Density altitude is available at a touch of a switch for those high altitude airport take-off distance calculations. True airspeed, true altitude, pressure altitude, outside air temperature and true outside air temperature features reduce inflight calculations.

AND, as the name implies, the microENCODER is an altitude encoder for all transponders made. Press a switch, and the unit will even show you the exact altitude output being transmitted by the transponder. The unit is also an air data computer that will provide all serial data to all known GPS or LORAN C systems on the market. Attachment of the optional compass module enables the magnetic heading function so you can display compass heading. The heading is also included in the data stream to the GPS so it can calculate winds aloft.

For the cost of a mid-priced encoder alone, $879, the microENCODER is a feature packed alternative that will enhance the value of your aircraft and make flying safer and more enjoyable. Install one today! microENCODER Features


Install the microMONITOR in place of traditional engine instrumentation to conserve panel space and add safety. Your panel space is saved for avionics by combining eleven engine functions, a four-function clock, a complete fuel totalizer and a cockpit warning system in one package. Twenty-two functions in all!

You won't have to rely on your instrument scan to catch an oil or fuel pressure loss. The microMONITOR constantly monitors these and all other critical parameters and will audibly and visually warn you of problems. And you select and program in those warning points to suit your aircraft.

Your flight workload is reduced and safety enhanced by such features as fuel tank change reminders, fuel remaining with low fuel warning, actual fuel flow to the engine, and endurance to dry tanks.

The microMONITOR starts at $999.00. Check the pricing on the order form to compare the unit with all the individual functions from any competitor and you will be pleased at the value of the microMONITOR. The average system with all sensors is less than $1400.00! Start building! microMONITOR Features


Both the microENCODER and the microMONITOR are available in a kit form as well as a completed product. The comprehensive assembly manuals for the kits even include details for calibration and a high temperature test program for reliability. You will save hundreds of dollars by investing the approximately 15-20 hours of assembly time for each kit. Assembly tools necessary are a soldering iron, voltmeter and normal hand tools. All the components solder directly to printed circuit boards for easy assembly and the components and materials in the kits are high quality.

We provide repair and service if necessary. A service manual with schematics is also provided with each kit that will enable the builder, avionics shop or computer repair shop to service the unit if necessary. All parts are guaranteed for two years from date of first flight against defects in materials and workmanship.

Rocky Mountain Instrument is now in its 20th year of providing quality, value-packed instruments and outstanding builder/customer support to our customers. Ask for references!

Those of you not familiar with RMI's quality kits can take advantage of our 10 day money back guarantee. Upon receipt, examine the quality kit and manuals, and if not satisfied, return postage paid within 10 days for a full refund.

Rocky Mountain Instrument is dedicated to providing high quality,
high technology, reliable instruments at an affordable price.